Has your car or truck suffered a turbo or engine failure? Or perhaps it’s an old engine, and oil residue in the intercooler has reduced the intercoolers efficiency? Until now, intercoolers have been notoriously difficult to clean, and in most circumstances are discarded after a catastrophic turbo or engine failure. Exhaust Clean Australia have the means to bring your intercooler back to life by flushing all oil and metal filings from the intercooler with our patented Flash Clean Machine.

An intercooler is an intake air cooling device used on turbocharged and supercharged engines. It cools the air compressed by the turbo/supercharger, reducing the temperature, which in turn increases the density of the air supplied to the engine. This increases power and reliability to your engine by providing cooler, more consistent intake air temperatures, which allow the air fuel ratio of the engine to remain at a safe level.

All intercoolers over the lifespan of a turbo/supercharged vehicle will gradually build up oil residue inside the intercooler for a variety of reasons, including blow-by past piston rings and leaking turbo shaft seals just to name a few. Whilst this is normal, your intercooler will require cleaning to keep your engine running at its optimal best. Exhaust Clean Australia can help with cleaning your intercooler and return it back to you ‘like new’!!


Cleaning the intercooler regularly will save you money in operating costs and prevent costly repairs in extreme circumstances and downtime in the long run.

Cleaning time frames vary according to the type of vehicle and how your vehicle is being used.

To keep your intercooler’s optimal operating performance, we suggest a clean at least every 12 months in conjunction with your EGR.

Exhaust Clean Australia can remove oil, metal debris, dust and dirt using our industry leading patented machine from Italy which will restore it to as new condition!

  • Engine blows excess smoke due to oil being burnt during combustion
  • Oil in intercooler will attract dust and dirt film eventually blocking core and inhibiting its efficiency to do its job properly
  • Oil will get sucked into intake causing MAF/MAS sensors to give incorrect readings effecting economy
  • Can cause the fouling of spark plugs in extreme cases
  • Diesel engine will run on oil and fuel mist recycled by EGR (even with key off) and will cause significant damage unless stopped in time.
  • If you’ve had a turbo or engine failure CLEAN YOUR INTERCOOLER before re-installing. Not cleaning your intercooler in this circumstance can kill your engine.

Exhaust Clean Australia has one of the fastest turnaround times on the market due to the revolutionary Flash Clean technology.

From as little as 3 hours, we can have your intercooler back in your workshop ready to go

Exhaust Clean Australia offer warranty on all our workmanship where the vehicle is operated according to manufacturer’s specification.

From as little as $ TBC. Compare that the cost of a replacement intercooler that could set you back anywhere from $800-$4000 depending on your vehicle. Cleaning your intercooler is a very cheap cost alternative for your vehicle.

Pricing structure here:

  • Diesel particulate filters – from $450 + gst
  • Cat Convertors – from $340 + gst
  • Diesel oxidising catalysts – from $340 + gst
  • Selective catalyst reductors – from $390 + gst
  • Intercoolers – from $110 + gst
  • Exhaust gas recirculation – from $100 + gst

WARNING - don’t even attempt to clean your own intercooler after a turbo blow up. Only the extreme power of a Flash Clean unit can clean metal debris in such cases.

There are a number of other methods and products that attempt to clean oil contaminated intercoolers, but they’re all very time consuming and largely ineffective. Only the power of the revolutionary “Flash Clean Machine” can ensure a clean intercooler to install back onto your car or truck, giving you piece of mind and optimum performance, even after the nastiest turbo mishap.

To help prevent your intercooler from becoming contaminated ensure that the vehicle’s service schedule is adhered to. Preventative maintenance is better than reactive maintenance!!

Things like keeping your EGR system clean, ensuring your breather system (PCV- Positive crankcase ventilation) is functioning correctly and your turbo is in good operating order will go a long way towards keeping your intercooler clean!

Find an independent mechanic that is familiar with your make and model of vehicle, and is experienced in servicing turbo/supercharged vehicles. This will ensure that they have a thorough knowledge of your vehicle and know all the tips and tricks in fault finding any problems.

If you own a diesel that is forced inducted (turbo/supercharger) keeping your intercooler clean is critical to the health of your engine. Excess oil in the intercooler can mix with residue from EGR recirculation which contains some diesel and can cause the engine to go into “diesel engine runaway” on that mix. The only way to stop the engine is to try and stall it before it goes bang!

Yes, they can but the level of cleanliness achieved may not be satisfactory. Without the access to the revolutionary industry leading equipment possessed at Exhaust Clean Australia, most mechanics will use inferior techniques or products to attempt to clean your intercooler. If you’ve had a turbo failure, it’s very hard to remove contaminants as well as debris from the intercooler core. Our patented cleaning system is the best in the industry and will achieve levels of cleanliness nobody else can come close to. Talk with your mechanic about letting us clean your intercooler to ensure peace of mind for him and your car.

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